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Life at times of lockdown

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25-5-20Life at times of lockdown

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Life as we know it has taken a complete turn. COVID-19 has changed the way we live, work, and play. For starters, we have switched out of normal existence and dived into survival mode. The virus has wreaked havoc in the world bringing down economies, stock markets and has left people now vary of greeting their near and dear one at proximity. The scarier fact - there still seems to be no identifiable cure for this disease.

But with all that’s happening around, there is a silver lining to this entire fiasco. The lockdown that was initiated to reduce the spread of the infection has given a new perspective to life. Let’s glance at how the lockdown has changed parts of our lives forever:

Home is the hub:

Be it students or professional, the home has transformed into a base now and a hub for all activities. To ensure work and education is uninterrupted, people are logging in from the comforts of their home to carry on a part of their lives which they are used to living outside of it. Not only working and learning, but even grocery shopping has also received an impetus ever since social distancing was announced.


We are aware that it’s a pretty tough time right now. Despite its gloomy appearance, this lockdown has helped people discover a side to themselves they knew existed but let it slide owing to the unavailability of dedicating quality time for oneself. The lockdown has given people the gift of time – time to pursue hobbies, learn new skills, change old habits, and have more time to do what they love.

Change of Routines:

Lockdown doesn’t mean life is at a standstill. We still have work and lectures to attend; the only difference is the mode of delivery. Earlier, you had to plan your day from the moment you step out of the house to your trip back home. Not implying that planning has taken a back seat in these times, now there is a much more breathing space for you to get around your day to day activities. Your routine has been ruffled and is bound to change once again as the lockdown gets called off.

Nature Restores Her Glory:

This lockdown is bringing unintended benefits for the climate. There is a considerable reduction in emissions and greenhouse gases. The canal waters in Venice are clearer than what they have been in nearly 60 years. With fewer to zero vehicles plying, we are breathing fresher air. And this all is a good sign, isn’t it?

At a time when we are facing a heightened sense of fear compounded by the worries about our future in all aspects, the benevolent Nature is helping us ease our frayed nerves. Doesn’t this also compel us to reflect that we have left so much behind in the daily rush we called life? We have forgotten to appreciate and cherish the little wonders that surround us and are just zipping by.

To sum up, some of the biggest benefits have been for you, your studies, career, or the fact that you have time to simply observe yourself. Then there is some downfall to this all in terms of job losses, financial downturns, and tough days for the people living in poverty. But one thing cannot be denied, ie. the change it has brought into our lives and our way of seeing things. Life may not be the same anymore but it will change for the good, and this is just the beginning.