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Commerce is the New Favorite

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15-5-20Commerce is the New Favorite

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The long-standing norms for selecting the field of study have dictated that only academically gifted students drift towards science. Taking up science after high school was considered a sign of intellect and great pride. Commerce is essentially learning the various activities that transpire in the world of business. The curriculum is designed to develop financial literacy, analytical ability, and business acumen. And it was assumed that the commerce stream was only meant to be taken by students who belonged to business families. The truth is that commerce stream, much in the same way as science or humanities, has a plethora of career opportunities. In recent years, India has noted a marked rise in students opting for commerce.

If you are in 10th standard or have already opted for a commerce stream, and unsure about the career path to take then be assured, commerce has a lot to offer you. As mentioned above, there has been a phenomenal increase in the number of students opting for commerce because of the lucrative career opportunities it brings.

Why is Commerce Significant?

As mentioned earlier, commerce is directly or indirectly linked with business and economy. It’s the backbone of every nation and no country can progress without the growth of commerce. The level of growth and standard of living in a country is all interconnected and are associated with the state of commerce of that nation. Like science and humanities, the practices in commerce keep on evolving. So when a student steps into this interesting field of study, they must not believe that earning a degree is the end of it. Learning is a continuous and life-long process here. You must have the zest for learning and be keen to continue your study and acquaint yourself with new skills or technologies.

Career after Commerce

You can make a career in fields like Chartered accountancy, business management, company secretary-ship, and financial industry like share market besides working in corporate entities in various business profiles. Commerce caters to the distribution aspect of business and the world runs on it, so imagine the wide options and choices you get. Chartered accountancy is a widely sought after profession in the business world. You may pursue CA and cost accounting after you complete 12th grade but it is wise to obtain a degree in B.com to give your career a solid base. And also, when you do opt for a degree, you get acquainted with various other subjects like English, Business-style writing skills, computer knowledge, etc.

Also, one must understand that commerce isn’t the easier alternative to science. Rather, both streams of study are complex and tough so comparing them isn’t fair. So if a student pursues commerce just because he/she feels that science isn’t suitable for them, then they must reconsider their choice and priorities. Just like in other fields of study, you need the right mindset, aptitude, and avid interest in it for you to succeed.

Jain College, situated in Bangalore, is one such prestigious institute for Pre-University, Undergraduate and Postgraduate level study. A flagship institute of the JGI Group, the learning environment is enriched by a team of highly experienced and motivated faculty and staff. The pedagogy is engaging and relevant and is designed to broaden perspectives, deepen understanding, enrich awareness, and establish a thought-provoking approach. The college provides various choices and combinations in the Commerce field, paving the way for a creative and enterprising generation.