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Tips to be successful in college

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16-12-20Tips to be successful in college

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The college life starts approaching us with a great deal of excitement. The excitement doubles when it starts approaching faster. And when we reach college and feel the most awaited moment of that academic year, we start loving every second. College life is a blend of responsible freedom and excitement. It showers upon us the positivity to lead a successful life. It builds our today so as we learn to build a successful tomorrow. Successful college life is rather similar to a successful life. It’s important to know ourselves as we grow into a responsive college student.

How do we visualize a fruitful tomorrow in our stint at college?

What would hold a key to a great start for a bright future ? We require realistic guidance ranging from analytical skills to personal health while succeeding in college life. Success is a quality that begins with the recognition of our strengths and weaknesses. Our personal and individualistic realities clash as we start studying or preparing for our exams. Best colleges worldwide foster conducive environments within the classroom as well as around the campus. We should learn to imbibe every grain of positivity around and discipline ourselves as needed.

Some preliminary steps to widen the horizons of success are as follows:

  1. Attendance – a must for all:
    Attendance plays a crucial role not only in building our reputation but also in softening our primitive journey to success. Our success is mainly shaped by how we grasp the study material. We must positively attend all the classes.
  2. Study materials are our best handouts:
    We went through primary school and then through a stage where we relied mostly on interdependence. But the scenario changes when we become an active part of college life. College life expects us to become independent pursuers of excellence. It becomes a personal responsibility for us to study and understand the materials assigned. A material unexplored in the class may be equally important as the portions covered. We would be grossly evaluated on how we interpret the syllabus and reflect it throughout the exams.
  3. The due dates matter, once and for all:
    An assignment or a project would be a part of the curriculum we should complete before the due date. We can consider completing our projects a few days before the due date. We can allocate the off-peak time to reinvestigate the project /assignment and check for any reiterations. A reputation built on the foundations of punctuality will help us in our academics and beyond.
  4. Academic hours are meant duly for us and our preparations:
    There’s nothing to be ashamed of when we wish to study any portion again. We can approach our lecturers and seek their support/guidance. We should prefer note-taking in the active curricular hours because a stitch in time saves nine.
  5. Early to bed and early to rise:
    This isn’t just a couplet. This is something we should adopt as soon as we develop a semblance of sanity. Sleep is a habit that replenishes our body and soul apart from strengthening our immune system. Sleep plays one of the most crucial roles in everything that preserves our present and shapes the future ahead of us. We should always follow a routine of sleep instead of wasting our time on unnecessary pastimes.
  6. A healthy dietary regimen:
    We should always be careful about what we eat, how we schedule our meals, the patterns of food consumption and the places/eateries we frequent. We should follow a standard regimen devoid of anything that causes sedation or sleepiness. We shouldn’t become addicted to high doses of caffeine. Anything interfering with our sleep patterns leaves unavoidable effects on our routines.
  7. We should include mild physical activity:
    We might have already experimented it on us or experienced that physical activity can induce timely sleep. Apart from bettering our sleep, it prevents issues like acidity, indigestion, fatness and unwarranted delays. Early to exercise would be as important as early to bed and early to rise. It’s advised to prefer mild physical activity over harsh activities that consume time and excessive energy.

Are there any objectives for us to develop in our quest for excellence?

  1. We need to focus on the type of career that suits our personal and professional interests.
  2. We should develop an intellectual knowledge on the uniqueness of the college academics and understand how they are different from high school and its academics.
  3. We must find out each of our values and the value/s that helped us more thoroughly in the course of development.
  4. We should relate most compatible personal values with our college education as we progress in our curricular and extracurricular endeavours.

How do we develop a positive attitude towards our college life?

  1. We should develop a knack for the appropriate and effective usage of time.
  2. We should welcome changes and be open to changes if and as needed.
  3. We should inspire ourselves and others to get the tasks done aptly and punctually.
  4. We must try to uplift our mood each time we are across an intellectual task.
  5. We must learn to stay contented but always be ready to transform ourselves following each experience coming our way.
  6. We must be punctual, responsible for our actions and stay true to whatever we promise.

 And how do we prepare for the evaluative benchmarks including exams and projects?

  • We mustn’t let our habits rule us.
  • We should break large projects/syllabuses into small ones.
  • We should keep an eye on long-term goals even as we surge towards our immediate goals.
  • We should avoid doing multiple tasks specifically if they demand intellectual exertion.