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30-4-20Science as a career path | Jain College Bangalore

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When at school, students are taught almost every subject so that they are allowed to understand the core subjects and then take up any one or a combination of subjects as per their interest. Once they enter college or university, they have the liberty to choose a domain they wish to specialize in and make a career out of it. At this level, students get a chance to choose a variety of subjects or a combination of subjects in their interested field. This allows them to further deepen their knowledge and gain a thorough understanding of the chosen field.

Why Pick Science?

Every domain like Arts, Science, and Commerce has its specialization which begins at junior college or the 11th and 12th grade as they are popularly known. Though each holds its relevance and importance as per an individual’s choice of career, Science has been a popular choice of students who wish to be successful as Doctors, Engineers, IT Professionals to name a few. Studying science is very important to gain knowledge of natural phenomena. The main objective of the science field is to encourage our curiosity and find out reasons why things happen the way they do. With a large number of opportunities that are available, science stream is the most sought after field that sure has hard work but comes with many perks. Jain College is dedicated to providing an educational environment focused on student learning and delivered by qualified faculty. It strives to offer its students a highly valuable pre-university education that is accessible, affordable, and empowers students of all backgrounds to transform their lives and help realize their true potential.

Being one of the renowned institutes in Bangalore the college roles out great combinations in Science. The college offers PCMC - Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science and; PCMB - Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology; PCME - Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Electronics. But for some of you who are still at the crossroads thinking on what step to take next, here are some points that may help you choose your passion with confidence:

Gain Better Understanding:

Subjects like physics, biology, and chemistry will help you gain in-depth knowledge of everything that exists around us. It helps in developing scientific knowledge and theory about everything you come across. The projects and assignments that you undertake during your college, makes you think of probable solutions and the possibilities.

Sharpen analytical and problem-solving skills:

When you deal and work out complex problems daily and can sort out valuable information from a vast source of data implying logical thinking and various scientific methodologies, you begin to sharpen your analytical skills and think rationally.

Galore of Opportunities:

Depending on the combination you chose, you get to be a specialist in that field. A degree in any of the branches of science stream will open up doorways of success for you. Get to travel the world as Indian science graduates are in great demand world over owing to the unique skill set, dedication and intelligence they bring to the table.

For some, science means a huge stack of books, long study hours and zero enjoyment. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, science means a good deal of studying but it comes with its share of fun and excitement. For a student who is a thinker, an innovator and has sharp research abilities, Science is a way to show the world the immense talent they hold.