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Imbibing Positivity to Lead a Successful Life

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10-6-20Imbibing Positivity to Lead a Successful Life

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Depression - you may have been acquainted with this word more than ever these days. Stressful lives, imbalanced lifestyles added with pressure from all quarters of society is enough to send one spiraling down both mentally and physically. The thing about depression is it being labeled as a mental illness, which it is, making some people squirm at the thought of it. And this has been the sole reason people living the nightmare called depression often fear to talk about it openly and seek help. Scared of being shunned and the social stigma surrounding it, people living with it continue to suffer in silence.

What is Depression?
American Psychiatric Association terms it as “a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think, and how you act.”
It is not just about feeling sad, causing one to persistently feel numb, lose interest in activities they once enjoyed along with the change in sleeping and eating patterns with symptoms like feeling worthless and general lethargy, depression can hinder one’s ability to lead a normal life. But the good news is that its treatable. More than medicines and therapy, with unbiased support from dear ones, and self-determination, it is possible to come out of depression and live a happy fulfilling life.

How to Cope?
When depressed, it’s not easy to just “snap” out of it or believe when someone says “you will be fine”. It’s not easy but completely possible to come out of it. And one of the most important things you can do is to accept what you are going through and develop strong social support. With strong support, it means to gather those people who matter to you and speak your heart out to them. Remember, there is always someone willing to listen to you, all you need to do is reach out.

Improving the Quality of Life
It’s easier said than done but you must take these little steps to achieve what you are looking for. Nothing is ever gained in life without hard work and dedication. After connecting with people or therapists to voice your struggles, adopt a healthier lifestyle like eating the right amount of nutritious meals, and sleeping better. For those away from home, check places that can deliver homemade food and avoid junk meals at all costs. For sleeping better, hear some soothing music or watch a hilarious movie/video before going to bed to keep negative thoughts at bay. Lighten your burdens by keeping a journal to record your thoughts and emotions. Each day may seem an uphill task but your efforts will not go to waste. 

Do things that make you Feel Happy
To overcome this state of mind, you have to do things that help you relax and feel energized. Schedule fun things that awaken the feel-good factor within which could be reading a book, watching a movie, listening to music, or just going out for a stroll in the park. Exercise, like a simple walk for 30 minutes a day, will help you stay active and fit. When depressed, getting out of bed could be a daunting task let alone exercise but studies have proved that exercising is a powerful depression fighter.

Self-therapy combined with professional help can help one recover steadily from depression. Even if you are visiting a therapist, remember that you hold the power to heal yourself and feel better. The never-give-up attitude and self-belief will put you on a path to recovery and help you regain the zeal for life.