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Jain College Enhancing Student’s Attributes - Through the Best Student Support Services!

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25-6-20Jain College Enhancing Student’s Attributes- Through the Best Student Support Services!

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Jain College Enhancing Student’s Attributes - Through the Best Student Support Services!
As students enroll in Jain College they are taught to be an independent decision-maker, equipped to excel in academics, sports, artistic and creative activities, learning to expand their intellectual capabilities and forming confident attitudes.

Situated in one of the most developed cities of India Bengaluru, Jain College is recognized as the best student-centered learning hub of education, paving the way for a creative and enterprising generation. A flagship institute of the JGI Group, Jain College inculcates leadership qualities along with a blend of academic rigor and a hands-on applicability to real-world topics.

Jain College strives to provide the best student support service that aims to support, guide, and mentor them to develop life skills and enhanced personalities helping students to cope with challenging life situations. The student support services also make sure that students develop excellent professional qualities along with regard for human values. It is made sure that students receive academic and non - academic support, focusing on their holistic development guiding them at each level of their college experience.

Some of the prominent services are

Orientation and Induction
The first two days of the academic year students are accustomed to the new college environment. This provides the students with accurate information about the college, enabling them to become familiar with the campus, faculties, various social activities, and many other aspects of the college realm.

Constant support system for motivation
Once the students become part of the Jain College they are constantly motivated to inculcate values of integrity, refinement, intellectual aptitude and are encouraged to participate in the various intercollegiate fest and even to aim higher for national and international competitions.

Value Vision
The College organizes programs to educate, and empowering people that include students, parents, and faculties. The program focuses on concepts like building a strong character, a passionate virtue, and fortitude through exponential and experiential sessions and interactions.

Academic Review
Student’s academic performance is reviewed regularly and parent-teacher meetings are held to discuss students on an individual basis to identify their strengths and weakness. Students are prepared to tackle the board examinations and parents are encouraged and also given tips on how to monitor their children’s performance.

 Rewards and Scholarship
The College recognizes and applauds deserving students with financial difficulties. Students who have immense talent, potential, are identified and rewarded scholarship and on a regular basis and are equally encouraged to participate in sports and other extracurricular activities.

Career Counselling
Jain College has developed and implemented an effective system for continuous monitoring of every student's progress and for providing appropriate guidance for their betterment. Experienced and knowledgeable faculty members are available to guide them to match their ability and skills with their interests, and to help make the right choice of the specialization subjects and for their future.

National Cadet Corps
National Cadet Corps is a leadership training activity for students that teach them responsibility and resourcefulness. Students, who are physically fit, are encouraged to join the NCC (National Cadet. Corps).

National Service Scheme
"Not Me But You" the motto of NSS reflects the essence of democratic living and upholds the need for self-less service to the society and country. Jain College encourages students to volunteer and be a part of this social wing and encourages students to be responsible citizens.

The “Student Support Services” of Jain College help students to attain both professional and personal excellence enabling students to develop a new perspective, to become self - sufficient and achieve success and happiness.